Sunday, December 7, 2008

why i hate christmas!!!

i hate Christmas! i cant even enjoy it. i get so stressed out after thanksgiving that i have to save up money to buy Christmas presents for 7 people in my family my wife all 4 parents and then we choose 2 people on both side to buy for. and then we have friends? oh man so i try to stretch my money as far as it will go and then i feel like my presents are never good enough since 90% of the people i know are in a better situation than i am. work is hard for me right now and there is nothing i can do it about it. i just we could save each other all the stress and just focus on spending time with the ones we love. and since service is about all i can do i wish also the we can serve each other and learn to let people serve us.and most of all remember the whole reason the holiday was even invented, to focus on the birth of Jesus Christ our savior and what he did in live and that he atoned for our sins. that would be great if we all could do that!!!........ thanks