Wednesday, April 8, 2009

life is a race

life is like a really long race with checkpoints, but they are barely visible with the the human eye. and I'm going tell you how i see it through my eyes lol i started off this race so well i was keeping up with everybody and sometimes surpassing them and then sometimes leaving them in the dust, and while I'm running clear out in front of everyone, i start to take advantage of the situations I'm in, now instead of running I'm jogging. but that's OK I'm still doing well. but this race has gone on for hours now,and then days. now the pack has caught up to me ... but I'm still doing well!well the race goes on long and longer and the checkpoint that use to make you feel good and secure about yourself, well, they seem to fell like they are getting fewer and father between.the race goes on. now i find myself out of breath and struggling to keep up with the pack. but i still am keeping up!!, and the next thing i know, I'm slowing down and falling behind, but i keep telling myself its OK I'm still within eyesight of everyone else,so i just watch my feet and carry on. then i decide to look up and as i do realize that i have fallen so far behind that i find myself running alone but i don't give up.but i am growing tired of this race,and as i do i give up hope. and sometimes i feel like just walking off the track and start over and enter into another race and try better next time but i have been down and behind before and have seen myself come back up into the front again, its always a battle.but i also know that I'm a person that can do amazing things with a second wind.....but when will i get that second wind???..... i hope soon!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

woman are bad driver and men on cell are just are bad, but anyone 60 and older are the worst and they should all stay out of the fast lane!!!

why is it ,that im always moving down the freeway in the fast lane and its going pretty good until i come behind a woman, or a man on a cell phone, or somebody 60 or older and next thing you know i have to slow down to 63mph to match there speed. and they never notice that im there until i find a way to go around them, and after i pass them then they get over into the middle lane, it really bugs me. and i have to deal with it twice a day going to farmington. so i think peoepl should be more attentive and that it should be a law that old people cannot travel in the fast lane for any reason at all. how do you feel about it??

Sunday, January 18, 2009

im sorry but i use my blog to vent!!!

todays blog is about 3 friends, these friends have been friends for a long time, but 2 of the friends have been friends longer with eachother than the 3rd friend has been with both of them. so the 3rd friend want to fit in really bad, but the first friend doesnt really want the 3rd friend around, and so he trys everything to fit in and to be apart of the group, he would do anything for both of them but expecially for the first person just to be excepted by that person, but he is never excepted sometimes not even acknowledged!!! and person number 3 is so sick and tired of being of being a better friend than the 2 of them and getting nothing in return all this person wants in life is to be a good friend and to have good friends and for the most part this person does, but the one friend will never ever ever come around!. so he gives and will try and enjoy the few good friends that he has

Sunday, December 7, 2008

why i hate christmas!!!

i hate Christmas! i cant even enjoy it. i get so stressed out after thanksgiving that i have to save up money to buy Christmas presents for 7 people in my family my wife all 4 parents and then we choose 2 people on both side to buy for. and then we have friends? oh man so i try to stretch my money as far as it will go and then i feel like my presents are never good enough since 90% of the people i know are in a better situation than i am. work is hard for me right now and there is nothing i can do it about it. i just we could save each other all the stress and just focus on spending time with the ones we love. and since service is about all i can do i wish also the we can serve each other and learn to let people serve us.and most of all remember the whole reason the holiday was even invented, to focus on the birth of Jesus Christ our savior and what he did in live and that he atoned for our sins. that would be great if we all could do that!!!........ thanks

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the rainbow during the rain

i don't know if you guys have ever heard the saying "when it rains... it pours!!!. well i feel like that sometimes in my life like its raining and i think to myself ''its OK you get through it " and it seems right when i think that it storms, thunders, and lightnings and class 5 hurricanes rip through my life!!.... OK really i don't have it that bad but sometimes i feel like that. it feels like there is nothing but mud all around me and i think to myself " i hate the rain i could live with out it in my life!!" but it always seems when i think that my thoughts are broken up with my wife say "bubba come look at this beautiful rainbow!!. OK if you can t figure out what I'm talking about ill tell you! life is full of problems (rain, thunder, lightning, and sometimes class5 hurricanes) and its at those times i feel like giving up on everything in life and just having a break down because i don't know what to do, and for some reason my wife can always see through my rain and clouds and see the rainbow!. i love my wife some days she is the only thing that keeps me going. she is always is there for me and always love me no matter what i say or do. i don't know what i would ever do without her. sometimes i think she shows me my rainbows and sometimes i think she is my "beautiful rainbow" i love her so much!!!!!!..........who is your beautiful rainbow or the one showing you them??

Sunday, November 2, 2008

why do people care so much...... about nothing?!

i have noticed in the in the last couple of weeks as traci and i have been people watching (our favorite activity) that everybody (even myself sometimes) are so concerned about what other people do in thier lives. i mean we focus so much on other peoples petty problem or the choices they are making that we dont take the time to take a good look in the mirror and focus on our problems or making sure we are making good choices in our lives. why do we as people find joy in life by putting other people down. why cant we lift eachother up and support them in the choices they are making. i challenge eveybody to try atleast once a day to lift someone up and support them no matter how dumb you think their choice might be, and i challenge you please please just to be happy that your loved ones are happy no matter what their choices are!

why are friends like belly buttons you really only have one a whole lifetime!!!

why is it that as many people that you meet in this whole wide world ,that we can never really make true and ever lasting friends.i mean dont get me wrong we all have friends but sometimes it just seems that we cycle through our so called "friends" and it seems that you can only have one at a time. no matter how hard you try it just seems like you just cant keep them around. well and a big factor is if you are like me and your friends are your life (friend needy) i love hanging out with new people or in big groups!!! and i know i am not always a good freind and i dont always treat my friends the way they should be treated (which is sometimes a good thing lol) so i hope to make many more friends and keep in close touch with the ones i have