Sunday, January 18, 2009

im sorry but i use my blog to vent!!!

todays blog is about 3 friends, these friends have been friends for a long time, but 2 of the friends have been friends longer with eachother than the 3rd friend has been with both of them. so the 3rd friend want to fit in really bad, but the first friend doesnt really want the 3rd friend around, and so he trys everything to fit in and to be apart of the group, he would do anything for both of them but expecially for the first person just to be excepted by that person, but he is never excepted sometimes not even acknowledged!!! and person number 3 is so sick and tired of being of being a better friend than the 2 of them and getting nothing in return all this person wants in life is to be a good friend and to have good friends and for the most part this person does, but the one friend will never ever ever come around!. so he gives and will try and enjoy the few good friends that he has

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Matchbox Mom said...

I love you, Bubba...
Tell friend number 3 that it sounds like it's not worth the effort any I should write dear abbey columns..
You are the best! Can't wait til Wednesday!