Sunday, November 2, 2008

why do people care so much...... about nothing?!

i have noticed in the in the last couple of weeks as traci and i have been people watching (our favorite activity) that everybody (even myself sometimes) are so concerned about what other people do in thier lives. i mean we focus so much on other peoples petty problem or the choices they are making that we dont take the time to take a good look in the mirror and focus on our problems or making sure we are making good choices in our lives. why do we as people find joy in life by putting other people down. why cant we lift eachother up and support them in the choices they are making. i challenge eveybody to try atleast once a day to lift someone up and support them no matter how dumb you think their choice might be, and i challenge you please please just to be happy that your loved ones are happy no matter what their choices are!

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Bubba's Babe!! said...

bubs.. We need to make your blog all manly and stuff... I'll help you do that tonight.. :)